About Circle

Welcome to Provision PGH, a gathering place in the neighborhood. Whether it’s a local beer and snacks for happy hour, a weekend brunch, a fast lunch or dinner and drinks on a Tuesday night. In other words, a place you (this means you) want to hang out at. Provision PGH can be best defined as a life-long passion project for Susan and I.  We are  honored to be part of and completely engrossed in the perpetual evolution of what this generation  of chefs and restaurateurs are doing to redefine American Cuisine and the American dining experience.

Provison PGH is located within Smallman Galley.

Smallman Galley is a restaurant incubator. Located in the heart of the strip district in Pittsburgh, PA. This once in a lifetime opportunity allowing us to operate our very own restaurant for 18 months at the Galley.

The goal at Smallman Galley is to provide us the necessary tools to be business owners over the next eighteen months, also giving us exposure to investors by providing us a platform to express our visions of what our brick and mortar restaurant will be. Essentially our very own startup restaurant!

We jumped at this amazing opportunity and moved our family to Pittsburgh from Phoenix to be part of the inaugural group. We are attempting to do a little crowdfunding to help raise opening capital. This campaign is designed to provide us the opportunity to purchase small wares, to have cash in the bank for opening food orders, allow us to hire and train cooks and other staff needed for our start up restaurant and a few extras to help us really express our vision.

Our goal at Provision is to bring Pittsburgh a place to go and be social! We are grateful to become part of a great neighborhood. We will honor this by putting an emphasis on “Community” by showcasing local farmers,  cheese makers, and ranchers whenever possible. We will change with the seasons by adding new authentic flavors to our menus, building on and developing relationships with our western Pennslyvania artisans, who provide us with everything from summer squash, locally milled grains and naturally raised goat. But at the end of the day, no matter how inventive our techniques or local our ingredients, we just want to provide an awesome experience for our guests.

Stephen, Susan & Sharon